Would you like to learn how to earn free lawn care, or discounted lawn care for the rest of the season???

It is so simple to do and competitively priced that it is nearly unfair to the other guys! 

Here's how it works:

1.  Be an existing or brand new America’s Pride customer who is set up for routine lawn maintenance.

  • Nothing extreme here folks.  You can be a $20 lawn or a $50 lawn with routine maintenance.  (Cut as needed.)
  • Worried about signing a contract?  WE DON’T DO CONTRACTS at AMERICA’S PRIDE!
  • We are so confident in our services that we DO NOT require customers to sign long term service agreements with us.  We also want to always be set up to accommodate and help customers who encounter financial hardships, hence the NO CONTRACT policy for residential customers.

2.  If your friends/family/neighbors sign up for routine lawn maintenance with us, we will knock off $5 for each of your services for the rest of the 2019 season for every referral.  All they need to do is drop your name, and the deed is done.

  • That is correct!  If you are a $20/mow customer, and have 4 referrals, you get your lawn serviced for FREE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!
  • That is also correct!  If you are a $100/mow customer, and have 20 referrals, you get your lawn serviced for FREE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!

3.  Don’t forget, folks, we offer $10 mows to all new/first time customers, even if you only schedule a one time cut with America’s Pride.  If you aren’t interested in routine maintenance, we will still always appreciate the opportunity to showcase our services, or simply help a new customer out in a pinch at the discounted $10/mow rate.

  • That is also correct!!!!!  $10 mow for new customers is 100% applicable, even for new customers who want to pursue the referral program discounts!

Why such great deals at America's Pride?

We are hungry for your business and will do anything to get our name out there and earn new customers through great customer service and quality product!

Guess what else???  We won’t stop here!  We will reset the clock and start the referral program all over again for 2020!  THE DEALS WILL KEEP ON COMING!

Also, feel free to go ahead and book your first service by clicking the “see pricing/book now”  link, or give us a ring at 888-MOWS440.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely and appreciatively,

Jon Green
Proud Owner/Manager/Service Person of
America’s Pride